Business Development is an area concern for some companies because on one hand, there can never be enough business, but on the other, there are many barriers to obtaining more business. That’s where Forge Business Solutions can help. We evaluate and help enhance the company’s current development plan. We assist our clients by identifying viable markets, potential customers and referral sources. We also work with companies to identify when a good time to bring on part-time and eventually full-time employees would be. When developing a business, having a strong brand identity is very important. We help review and develop a marketing plan that aligns with company goals, taking into consideration: brand management, digital and print media, video services, etc.

If necessary, Forge Business Solutions can also convene with outside resources to advance the business plan in a manner that is consistent with the vision and mission of the client.

Business Development

Frank is always professional, highly organized, prepared and surrounds himself with a strong, capable team. If I had to pick one guy to be on my team, it would be Frank Vitale, period.

Patrick K. Marlatt

Vice President, Financial Advisor, Captrust