• The low-cost, scalable entry point to Forge’s strategic solutions package 
  • 1 day prep, 1 day onsite discovery, 1 day post-work 
  • Input is gathered from key stakeholders 
  • Goals & strategic objectives are solidified 
  • Deliverable submitted with assessment, and path forward options  


    • Develop plan of action around metrics, performance measures 
    • Engage leadership and promote overall awareness of mission and vision 
    • Leverage best practices 
    • Integrates the execution strategy into the daily operations of the organization 
      Business Development Icon


      • Scalable service options ranging from building Business Development processes from the ground up to enhancing existing processes  
      • Full-spectrum services extend from Business Development process planning through execution 
      • Business Development Plan template that uses best practices from lessons learned to avoid common pitfalls and mitigate risks–ensuring a clear path to start-up of capture activities 
      • Tailored guidance focusing on government Business Development or the commercial sector  
      • Contract vehicle and acquisition process support  


        • Offsite meeting conducted and facilitated by the Forge team 
        • Options to support pre-work, agenda development, etc. 
        • Forge scribe optional to capture and deliver full meeting minutes 
        • Summary report is provided to the client 
        • Recommendations are provided for working results/action items back into the Strategic Plan 


          • Provides “catch-all” support and guidance around ongoing planning and execution activities
          • Delivered primarily at the department level (e.g., marketing strategy adjustments, process improvements where needed, ad hoc procedural refinements, etc.)


          • Provides the critical assessment on how the plan is working 
          • Is the organization hitting the prescribed metrics?  
          • Is the strategy working? 
          • What steps must be taken, if needed, to adjust the plan? 

            Forge is committed to safeguarding the confidentiality and secrecy entrusted to us by our clients.

            A fully executed, non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is recommended for implementation during the initial stages of the engagement.Forge prefers the use of our client’s NDA document to better address unique concerns and sensitivities. A Forge NDA document is available upon request.Forge accepts full responsibility for its employees’ and subcontractors, as determined by the NDA and related agreements.

            Confidentiality breaches are a serious matter, and it is best to prevent them in the first place. A proactive discussion dedicated to confidentiality is not only welcomed but encouraged if any sensitivities exist and/or arise.In the event a conflict of interest is acknowledged, and upon approval of the client, Forge may establish a firewall –  (limiting access to consultants without conflict of interest).