• We work with our clients to become a thought-leader in their respective discipline and influence public and government policy.
  • Engage policy makers and related stakeholders to assist clients with communicating their developed platform at the Federal, State and Local level.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration with industry leaders, trade associations, think tanks and related groups.
  • Open existing relationships / network to clients for connectivity and to advance the best interests of the client.


  • Facilitate Strategy Development sessions for our clients with ongoing follow-up meetings.
  • Engage the organization’s executives and senior managers to develop a deployable strategy with deliverables and measurable objectives.
  • Identify organizational strengths and areas for improvement by conducting in-take meetings and surveys as appropriate.
  • Review of organizational finances and financially related goals.
  • Provides professional training and development that complements the organization’s strategy.
Business Development Icon


  • Evaluate, develop and/or advance the clients Business Development plan.
  • Assist the client with business development by identifying viable markets, potential customers and referral sources.
  • Develop company, departmental and individual performance plan utilizing a Balanced Score Card approach.
  • Review and develop a marketing plan that aligns with company goals, taking into consideration; brand management, digital and print media, video services, etc.
  • Convene outside resources needed to advance the Business Plan in a manner that is consistent with the vision and mission of the client.


  • Identify new markets for company growth, considering key economic factors to include; population trends, average household income, job market, unemployment. Workforce participation rate, etc.
  • Examine organic growth opportunities and necessary organizational shifts to maximize internal potential.
  • Review management strengths and opportunities for development and improvement.
  • Evaluate the “sales process” where appropriate and identify opportunities for increasing sales and improving financial performance.

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