Government and Community Relations is important to all companies. Forge Business Solutions opens doors for relationships at both the state and federal level. We help clients identify opportunities for collaboration with industry leaders — whether that’s with policy makers, legislators or “think-tank’s.” These relationships help advance our clients in their industry.

We help develop a message to both state and local governments so that they know what your company’s contributions are, how many citizens you employ and that you’re a good, responsible community partner. We work with our clients so that they become a thought-leader in their respective discipline and to make sure that their voice is heard so that they can influence public and government policy.

Government and Community Relations - WV CapitalFrank with Admiral Mullen, 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Frank is experienced, intelligent and extremely effective at integrating the human element into the business world. Without reservation, I would recommend Frank and his company if you are seeking guidance for any facet of your business or personal professional development.

Gregory Adkins

SVP Credit Administration, Clear Mountain Bank