Over the past 16 months, Forge led the Career Readiness West Virginia initiative with the support of the West Virginia Department of Education and 21 local school districts.

The Career Readiness West Virginia initiative is a collaborative partnership developing a sustainable future for the next generation of the West Virginia workforce. The initiative brings together public education and local chambers of commerce, to partner with public and private sector employers, government, trades and contractors, and nonprofits to drive career and workforce development in local communities. Thus far, 21 counties across the Mountain State have joined the Career Readiness West Virginia initiative – each community is determined to pave a successful pathway for students through career exploration.

The initiative recommends the following career exploration opportunities to engage West Virginia’s students: Workplace Tours, Career Exploration, Speaker Series, Job Shadowing, Job Fairs, Internships, and Integrated Pathways.


The Forge team composed the Career Readiness West Virginia: Comprehensive Summary Report 2019-2020 that includes an overview of the project, research findings, and local stakeholder responses from the Career Readiness and Workforce Development Questionnaires.

Click here to view the summary report.


To learn more about Career Readiness West Virginia, visit the website www.careerreadinesswv.com.