Episode Description:

Welcome to the Forge Ahead Podcast! For this episode, we are joined by Brandon Downey, President & CEO of Trilogy Innovations, and Randy Cottle, Vice President & COO.

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Guest Bios:

Brandon Downey

Brandon Downey is the President and CEO of Trilogy Innovations. Though responsible for the overall direction and operation of the company, Brandon has 23 years of IT experience with more than 17 years providing software development and system analysis for a variety of government agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Division, Department of Defense (DoD), and other non-federal entities. He has performed all aspects of the software development life cycle (SDLC), including requirement gathering, design, development, testing, cognitive testing, and documentation. As a subject matter expert (SME) in enterprise architecture, he recommended enhancements and modifications pertaining to mobile strategy, cloud computing platforms, desktop virtualization, web service infrastructure, and software development.


Randy Cottle

Randall (Randy) Cottle is the Vice President & COO of Trilogy Innovations and is responsible for all business development activities, opportunity identification and tracking, customer relationship management, and other initiatives. He has 15 years of experience providing software development, middleware support, and system administration support for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Division, Department of Defense (DoD), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) and other commercial entities. He also has performed all aspects of Red Hat product delivery, such as requirements elicitation, system and software architecture, product procurements, planning and coordinating upgrades to mission-critical systems, vulnerability assessment, and remediation planning.


Show Notes:


00:25 – Our host, Frank Vitale, opens the podcast episode.

01:36 – Brandon Downey introduces himself and covers his background in systems and software engineering.

3:21 – Randy Cottle introduces himself and discusses the technical and business aspects of his professional career.

5:36 – Brandon shares the mission of Trilogy Innovations.

8:55 – Randy talks about Trilogy’s clients and how they serve their customers.

12:08 – Brandon discusses the cybersecurity and IT-related challenges organizations are currently facing.

17:20 – Randy and Brandon talk about the importance of efficient systems and processes.

20:22 – First, Randy explains how the pandemic has impacted business relationships. Then, Brandon addresses the need for organizations to evaluate and improve their communication methods to stay connected.

27:17 – Randy discusses how Trilogy fosters growth. Additionally, Randy talks about the Red Hat Certification Program.

33:27 – Brandon talks about the value of partnerships and how they can empower employees.

36:58 – Randy gives his advice to small businesses aspiring to grow in the government space.

39:02 – Brandon provides his advice for entrepreneurs.

48:17 – Brandon and Randy give their final thoughts.

53:25 – Frank closes the podcast.



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