Episode Description:

Welcome to the Forge Ahead Podcast! For this episode, we are joined by Carrie and Kris Lilly, Owners of Preferred Surfaces. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the video of the podcast. Thanks for tuning in!


Guest Bios:

Carrie Lilly

Carrie Lilly has lived in Morgantown for over 20 years. She grew up in Beckley, WV, and came to WVU, where she met Kris as a mining engineering student. Carrie attended law school and worked at Bowles Rice, focusing on energy law and business transactions. Carrie became an equity partner at Bowles Rice. She also served as General Counsel at Mepco LLC, a Morgantown-based coal company, for six years. Carrie is a licensed patent attorney and holds a real estate broker license. In 2012, Kris and Carrie attended WVU together again and earned their MBA degrees. 


Kris Lilly

Kris Lilly was born and raised in Morgantown. He earned a mining engineering degree and an MBA from WVU. Kris has many years of experience in the underground mining industry, having owned and operated Red Bone Mining Company, a contract mining company started by his father in 1983. Kris has extensive knowledge of mining equipment and processes and has been active with local mine rescue associations. Red Bone Mining Company historically employed approximately 50 individuals, many being long-term employees. Business ownership and entrepreneurship are important to Kris and Carrie, and they consider it a privilege to be able to provide jobs in their community.


Show Notes:

00:25 – Our host, Frank Vitale, opens the podcast episode.

01:26 – Carrie and Kris Lilly provide their professional backgrounds.

05:23 – Carrie and Kris share their journey of how they became owners of Preferred Surfaces.

12:00 – Carrie discusses the products and services Preferred Surfaces offers its customers.

18:23 – Frank asks our guests to dive into the acquisition process.

31:24 – Carrie and Kris share their approaches to leading a team.

36:55 – Frank asks our guests to share their advice regarding business acquisition for entrepreneurs.

47:53 – Carrie and Kris let our listeners know where they can learn more about Preferred Surfaces.

56:12 – Frank closes the podcast.

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