Episode Description:


Welcome to the Forge Ahead podcast! For this episode, we are joined by Dr. Zach Garrett and Gabe Roush to discuss the West Virginia Athletic Trainers’ Association’s (WVATA) initiatives for athletic training advocacy and improving student-athlete safety in West Virginia.

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Show Notes:


00:26 – Our host, Frank Vitale, opens the fourth episode of the Forge Ahead podcast.

01:44 – Dr. Zach Garrett, President of the WVATA, introduces himself to the listeners.

04:34 – Gabe Roush, Manager of Sports Medicine at Pleasant Valley Hospital, shares his professional background as an Athletic Trainer.

07:17 – Dr. Zach Garrett talks about athletic training at the collegiate level.

09:06 – Frank Vitale and Dr. Zach Garrett discuss how the sports programs at Marshall University were impacted by COVID-19.

11:18 – Frank Vitale asks Dr. Zach Garrett to talk about the WVATA and its current advocacy efforts.

18:58 – Gabe Roush discusses his role in the WVATA as a member of the Secondary School Committee.

20:00 – Dr. Zach Garrett talks about the WVATA’s membership and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

24:42 – Gabe Roush kicks off a group discussion about how COVID-19 has affected student-athlete safety.

31:56 – Dr. Zach Garrett discusses the current athletic training policies at the state level.

40:44 – Gabe Roush explains how rural areas would benefit from investing in athletic trainers.

44:31 – Dr. Zach Garrett discusses the relationship between the WVATA and the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission.

55:27 – Gabe Roush and Dr. Zach Garrett share their final thoughts.



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